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Travel Essentials

  • €1,33

    Sure Travel Mini Travel Fan

    Portable battery operated mini travel fan with soft safety blades.

  • €0,35

    Sure Travel Toothbrush Cover 4 Pack

    Clear plastic construction.Designed to fit most standard size toothbrush heads.Hygienic and protective.Ideal for travelling

  • €0,78

    Sure Travel Set 50ml X 3 Bottle Set

    Travel Bottle Set includes 3 x 50ml bottles. This set Includes two spray bottles and one standard bottle. Perfect for travelling, short breaks or j...

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  • €1,45

    Wisdom Travel Brushes

    It is Ideal for travel, business trips or everyday use. Compact head for easy plaque removal along the gumline, with end-rounded filaments to preve...

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  • €0,94

    Sure Travel Sewing Kit

    Handy lightweight design.Ideal for traveling.Suitable for most repairs.Easy to use and carry.

  • €0,56

    Sure Travel Set 4 Round Pots

    Travel Set.Four round pots with colourful lids.Handy for travelling.Perfect for moisturiser, makeup and liquids.

  • €0,82

    Sure Travel Luggage Strap 5Cm X 180Cm

    Luggage Straps for travel boxes ensure that the lid of your travel box is sitting firmly on top of your hand made box.

  • €0,60

    Sure Travel Folding Tooth Brushes 2 Pack

    Folding toothbrushes.Includes pack of 2.Medium bristle.Hygenic foldaway design.Ideal for traveling.

  • €0,92

    Sure Travel Euro Travel Adaptor

    This euro travel adaptor will convert the UK standard 3 pin plug into a European 2 pin plug. It's compact, lightweight design means it will easily ...

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  • €1,16

    Zazie Travel Bottles & Bag

    It lets you instantly identify shampoo, lotion whatever you have packed. Straight sides are easy to store and fill, while the size is approved for...

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  • €1,13

    Xpel Mosquito & Insect Repellant

    Aqua, Alcohol, Denat, Diethyl Toluamide, Propylene glycol, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Polysorbate-20, Parfum, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Pro...

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  • €2,50

    Sure Travel World Travel Adaptor

    This Universal Travel Adapter is suitable for use when travelling to or from virtually any country worldwide.

  • €0,96

    Sure Travel Usa Travel Adaptor

    Converts EU/US Plugs into 3 Pin UK standard.

  • €2,04

    Sure Travel Uk Visitor Adaptor

    This UK Visitor Travel Plug from Sure Travel is ideal for travellers coming to the UK.Fused adapter with earth connection.

  • €1,37

    Sure Travel Travel Case Lock 2 Pack

    Durable steel construction.Help protect your valuables.

  • €0,53

    Sure Travel Travel Bottles 2 X 100ml

    Travel Bottle Set includes 2 x 100ml bottles. This set Includes two standard bottles. Perfect for travelling, short breaks or just when a smaller a...

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  • €1,12

    Sure Travel Travel Bottle & Mini Pot Set

    This Bottle & Mini Pot Set from Sure Travel is ideal for travelling with.Set includes two 100ml bottles, two cosmetic tubs and two filling tool...

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  • €1,20

    Sure Travel Pillow

    Inflatable travel pillow.Comfortable soft feel.Easy to clean.Anti-draught collar.

  • €1,51

    Sure Travel Mosquito Refills X 18 Pcs

    Mosquito refills x 18 pcs.Repels mosquitoes and insects.it is effective and odorless.One tablet lasts up to 8 hours

  • €0,66

    Sure Travel Luggage Tags 2 Pack

    These Luggage Tags from Sure Travel feature a discreet concealed address.Durable tag and strap securely attach to luggage.

  • €1,98

    Sure Travel Luggage Scales

    Never get caught out on those extra charges when travelling again.Zero adjustment feature.

  • Ausverkauft

    Sure Travel Flight Socks

    Sure Travel Flight Socks provide comfortable graduated compression and support to help improve circulation and reduce fluid build-up when immobile ...

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  • €1,63

    Sure Bag Toilet Lge Asstd Colours

    This is very convenient Bag with novelty design for Travelling.Real leather travel pouch, toilet bag , for travelling and daily use.

  • €1,52

    Sure Bag Gents Toilet Lge Asstd Colours

    Nice toilet bag in a masculine, stylish design. The bag is made of genuine leather and are available in brown and black. Closes with a zipper and a...

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  • €2,30

    Sure Bag Gents Continental Striped

    Keep grooming essentials in one spot. Wide top panel opens and fastens easily, soft and pliable for easy storage. Striped design accross the bag, w...

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  • €0,92

    Sure Bag Drawstring

    Roadeez presents you a very fine multiple use drawstring bag with excellent finish and durability. It is made of polyester and efficient to hold yo...

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